Our company proposition is “Building successful companies” . Our approach is straight forward – we utilize our regional network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, service providers, and fund investors to create winning business propositions and solid business partnership.

INNOVEST Business Start Up Model© ensures a clear mapping of roles and responsibilities.

Business Propositions

We are always looking for winning business ideas that are based on a real market need, represent a sizeable opportunity, and own a sustainable competitive advantage. Ideas are everywhere, but sustainable and scalable business ideas are a rare breed. At INNOVEST we utilize our Business Startup Model to validate ideas, and filter the ones that has the potential to tip in the marketplace.

Technical Skills wIth Passion

What makes a winning idea come to life is a unique combination of natural aptitude and personal passion. Successful Entrepreneurs have passion to ideas that relate to their innate talents. This fact makes building their required skills a hobby rather than homework. If you have that in you, then lets talk.

Business Leadership

Technical knowhow and passion could bring a business to live, but it is business leadership that will keep it alive on the long term and ensures sustainable growth. At INNOVEST, Leading is by example… so if your idea is a “Plane", then you must get ready to fly.

Value Chain Synergy

We ensure synergy between new business concepts and our existing portfolio, leveraging on cost sharing, knowledge transfer, and exchange of services. This approach helps in accelerating the growth of our new businesses through tapping into opportunities presented by our established businesses. It also helps in managing the startup costs, and reaching quicker profitability breakeven point.