Our Values

Our success is fueled by our passion to create value in the businesses we partner in.
This can only be achieved through being completely true to our own founding values.

Our Success
Is fueled by passion

We love success

We have a "can-do" attitude and a drive for making things happen. We deliver results, and meet promises made to management team, investors and partners. Financial performance and management processes are audited periodically, and results are shared with business partners and investors with full transparency.

Passion is in our DNA

When your work is your passion, you are always feeling energized, and everything flows smoothly. Simply put, passion is the driving power towards success. At INNOVEST, passion of the heart and mind are the cornerstones of our organization, and a key driver to deliver superior value to all stakeholders.

Integrity is not a slogan

At INNOVEST, Integrity is not a policy, or a selling strategy that advertises honesty as a virtue, but is an integral and natural part of our corporate life practices. Integrity is the essence of our relationship with our people, associates, businesses partners, and investors.

Teamwork towards Synergy

Teamwork becomes even more strategic when it extends beyond individuals to organizations that team up to achieve win-wins through true Synergy. Our culture of teamwork allows us to bring together the best thinking from our professionals and different business startups, thereby delivering optimum returns to our partners and investors.


We accept personal accountability for our own actions and results. We focus on finding solutions and achieving results, rather than making excuses or placing blame. The sense of ownership is what marks each and every team member at INNOVEST. We are responsible to our investors, to our investee companies and to our management teams.