Dubai, United Arab Emirates


2014 - Present


Think Tank


Bassam Falah & Moatassem Moatez


moatassem.moatez@roi-me.com & bassam.falah@innovest.me


Entrepreneurs play a vital role in economic development. They use their fresh thinking and hard work to create positive social change. They bring new concepts and products to the market, creating jobs and driving the economy. Unfortunately, around 30% of new startups fail to witness its first year birthday, and another 15% misses its second. As most entrepreneurs are so passionate about their business ideas, they jump into the start-up seat and skip vital stages for their business’s long-term survival Realizing both the economic and social impact of entrepreneurship, governments and local communities need to implement strategies aimed at cultivating and nurturing entrepreneurs and SMEs. In developed economies, governments launch educational programs targeting entrepreneurs and SME owners, to ensure they start on the right foundations.

INNOVEST ME Involvement

As part of INNOVEST ME CSR programs, INNOVEST ME has joined the Dubai Chamber of Commerce to be their Think Tank Partner in their Ro’ya initiative.

Ro’ya is an initiative that is driven by DUBAI BUSINESS WOMEN COUNCIL, an arm under the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, that supports entrepreneurship among women in the United Arab Emirates. In this 2014 Ro’ya run, more than 75 Business Plans have been submitted for evaluation, and high potential ones will receive funding and mentoring support.

All participants will undergo 9 training modules in a span of 3 months, to help them sharpen their business plans and support their Entrepreneurial aspirations. The first module “Business Plan Fundamentals” will be in April 2014.