2018 Ruwwad Al Iraq – Iraqpreneurs “Logo Design Competition” Winner Awarded $10,000

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Baghdad, Iraq, 28/6/18

Today INNOVEST ME, the growth hacking- business acceleration investment firm that empowers entrepreneurs during their startup stage and SMEs during their market expansion phase, awarded the winner of its “Logo Design Competition” Graphic designer, Ali Al Tahhan. The competition received more than 500 designs and engaged hundreds of participants from all across the Arab World.

For the pre-launch of Ruwwad Al Iraq, the “Logo Design Competition” was launched to provide the youth sector a unique opportunity to take part in creating the incubation platform that aims to identify high potential entrepreneurs and startups in Iraq. This platform will empower start-up talents with the winning tools and resources needed to successfully launch in Iraq and eventually expand in the region and globally.



Bassam Falah, Founder and Managing Director of INNOVEST ME alongside the Executive Management Team awarded the winner, Ali Al Tahhan the prize money cheque of $10,000 USD in Babylon Hotel, Baghdad. “Ruwwad Al Iraq aims to shed light on the crucial and valuable role of entrepreneurs and their ability to drive economies and to develop prosperous societies. In addition, we are confident that their skills will contribute to the national income through their entrepreneurial ventures, create new businesses and provide new employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs are a national asset that must be cultivated, trained and incubated as they are the main vehicle to move an economy forward,” said Bassam Falah.

Bassam Falah further added: “Our aim is to build communities of innovators in various sectors, to create new partnerships, to solidify individual and collective efforts, to achieve local, regional and global prosperity and to provide sustainable development to the people and the community thus fulfilling their aspirations for a more stable, secure and dignified life.”

Duaa Adnan, Marketing Manager of Ruwwad Al Iraq, praised the design of the winning logo that was selected by the distinguished panel of judges, comprised of business leaders in Marketing and Communications from Iraq and the Middle East. The logo design was selected based on specific eligibility criteria such as creativity, design craftsmanship, distinctiveness, simplicity, equity and most importantly its embodiment of the entrepreneurship spirit and Iraqi culture.



Ruwwad Al Iraq is a platform that will provide entrepreneurs in Iraq the opportunity to start or scale up their business and will compete in three main categories, the “Startup Idea” stage, “Scale Up” stage and “Socialpreneurship” stage. The winning finalists will be awarded more than $100,000 in financial, in-kind and capacity building prizes. Applications will open August 1st, 2018. Visit www.iraqpreneurs.com or www.ruwwadaliraq.com for more info.