INNOVEST Middle East Partake in Digital Mashreq Forum – Jordan

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INNOVEST Middle East participated in a high-leveled conference that targeted a crucial topic; Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Development in Mashreq countries organized by HRH Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II, the Government of Jordan and the World Bank Group. This two-day Digital Mashreq Forum happened on the 29th and 30thof June 2019 at the King Hussein Business Park in Amman. The forum linked up officials and business representatives from Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon. The three countries were represented by HE Mr. Mothanna Gharaibeh – Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (Jordan), HE Mr. Naeem Al-Rubaie – Minister of Communications (Iraq), and HE Mr. Adel Afiouni – Minister of State for Information Technology (Lebanon).  The discussion addressed the future of the Mashreq region’s digital economy through identifying the challenges and solutions that would allow Mashreq countries to realize more gains to their economies and societies and plan a comprehensive strategy for growth.

Bassam Falah – CEO of INNOVEST Middle East joined the Panel on regional trends in entrepreneurship development, with ecosystem players and entrepreneurs from the Mashreq region who shared their experiences and impact, discussed challenges and opportunities facing their growth in their home countries, and concluded with key recommendations to scale digital entrepreneurship in each country.

Falah mentioned Iraqpreneurs platform – Entrepreneurial Empowerment Platform in Iraq that helps young entrepreneurs to start or scale up their businesses.
“We invest in pre seed and seed funding as well as value creation in-kind support where we provide startups with access to resources that are important for their scale up,” Falah said.

“One of the main experiences we want to share is about Iraq with the platform we launched “Iraqpreneurs”, based on that I would say that one of the challenges startups face there is access to funds. Most of the startups that you will see are using their own resources or the resources of family and friends. We have to work together in attracting investors and institutional investors as well,” He added.

It is important to note that the expected destination for the next Digital Mashreq Forum is Beirut on June 2020.

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