Launch of Sharaka Platform at Web Summit Lisbon 2016

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The Web Summit is a global launch platform for the latest tech innovations; an event that attracts the whole tech world of entrepreneurs and business leaders. With more than 160 participating countries, more than 15,000 startups, and more than 50,000 attendees, the Web Summit is the biggest event of its kind in Europe.

 ROI – the Brand Advocacy Agency within the INNOVEST investment portfolio – has been working on a breakthrough Reward & Incentive Program reaching out to a very important, yet untapped segment.
While most available R&I programs in the market focus on shoppers, customers, or consumers, the industry has missed reaching out to “influencers”, who happen to play a major role in driving your business’s push and pull strategies.

Sharaka – which means Partnership in Arabic – offers a task-based reward platform that ensures the alignment of influencers with your brand priorities, and encourages them to become brand ambassadors and drivers. Influencers differ from one industry or category to another. An influencer could be a retail floor salesperson in one industry, a pharmacist in another, a cash van salesperson, or could even be your merchandiser, your field promoter, your behind the counter agent, or your full list of staff.

Sharaka at Web Summit 2016

Sharaka Reward and Incentive platform was launched during the 2016 Web Summit, which took place between November 7th and 10th in Lisbon , Portugal.
Like most entrepreneurs, we had high expectations about our new innovative Sharaka solution, primarily driven by our passion for what we do. But the reaction from visitors, potential partners, as well as media exceeded our expectations and brought us to the realization that what we have developed is not just a Middle East need, but also a global one.
While preparations for an early 2017 launch in UAE, EGYPT, and SAUDI ARABIA are ongoing, the team is going through advanced discussions with regards to licensing the concept to potential business partners in key countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.